Today is Earth Day. To celebrate, the Leapley team pitched in at the Lifecycle Building Center (LBC), which is a nonprofit focused on sustainability in construction. The LBC operates a retail space consisting of donated and often reused materials. This giant warehouse is stocked full of treasures including a jet turbine that has been turned into a chair, with new ones being delivered all the time.

A 2003 EPA study* revealed that over 170 million tons of building materials are thrown away each year across the U.S., and a large percentage of these materials are reusable. We’re talking about 26.3 billion cubic feet of stuff; to put this in perspective, imagine filling every cubic foot of the Empire State Building with building materials and then sending it all to the landfill. Then imagine this happening 710 times every year. That is the scope of what we’re throwing away. – Shannon Goodman, LBC

As a nonprofit which runs on the help of volunteers, we picked up our work gloves and got to work. Our team measured and organized a window shipment; sorted flooring into pallets and sets; and built a rack to sort doors.

“Y’all have done more in a day than we could have in a year,” said one of the LBC staffers.

“We need to do more of this,” said Kyle Lamberson, Leapley’s Preconstruction Manager. “This was awesome!”

Donated items to the LBC find a new home and reduce landfill waste.  To find out more about the LBC, click here.

The mission of the LBC is to make the lifecycle use of the built environment increasingly efficient and sustainable. This mission will be enacted in three ways:

  • Through the operation of a retail building material reuse center as a workable and self-sufficient alternative to material disposal
  • By using proceeds from material sales to fund grassroots community outreach programs that enhance resource efficiency in the built environment
  • By empowering the community with the educational and experiential resources needed to effectively raise market demand for green building goods and services

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