60,000 – the number of lab tests run per day at this laboratory facility in Tucker, GA. Quest Diagnostics is a worldwide leader in health diagnostics and annually serves one in three adult Americans and half the physicians and hospitals in the United States.

With this kind of resume and demand, the project Leapley completed had no time for downtime; therefore, building for the Quest campus in Tucker took special attention and skill. The renovation of 17,500 SF impacted 18 working departments.

“We moved 18 work cells and 250 people have new working environments,” said Peter Moore at the grand opening of the new PDM and employer solutions spaces. “At the end of the day, I think everyone will excel in their new space.”

“The three objectives of this project were to improve quality, enhance customer service levels, and set ourselves up for growth,” said Greg Ourednik, the Quest project champion and Executive Director. “I’m happy to say we have accomplished that. It truly embodies the team effort from the folks who did the construction and who had the design vision. The timeline was aggressive. We took the ideas and asked ‘How can we design a space to deliver results and be a workplace people want to be in?'”

Leapley renovated an existing lab, converting it to a smaller but more functional lab and office area. Our team additionally created a lab in an underutilized area – structurally changing the space to meet the needs of the Quest team, and created a new “Logistics Area” to more effectively receive the thousands of samples received at the facility daily.