Our project team has been diligently working away at the Georgia State University practice center, converting an old aquatics facility into a basketball and volleyball arena. The project just opened and was featured in the AJC.

Excerpt from the AJC article below. To see the complete article and images, click here.

Georgia State University’s basketball and volleyball practice complex is complete and ready for use.

The court was constructed in the Aquatic Center next to the GSU Sports Arena.

It includes six baskets, four of which can be raised, two scoreboards, and anchors for volleyball net stanchions.

The project was announced more than a year ago after Georgia State’s two-game run in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The total cost came in slightly less than its $1 million budget.

The building remained vacant and unused for more than 20 years before its conversion.

The biggest challenge was the filling in of the pool that is now under the court.

This is how it was filled: At the very bottom is rock. Concrete was poured over the rock. Foam blocks were put over the concrete with small gaps in areas to allow it to breathe.

Plastic sheeting was put over the foam blocks. Six inches of concrete was poured over the blocks, which got the surface to the level of the pool deck. Because of the drains around the pool deck, more concrete was poured to make the floor level.

Over the top of that is more plastic, plywood, foam and the court.

Take a tour of the new facility here.