Project Description

Workplace 2020 Renovation Project

The assignment 

The Workplace 2020 renovation project consists of an overhaul of a 26-story tower, which is more than three decades old, as well as the other campus buildings and courtyards.

The main focus is the common areas called “Mainstreet,” an entryway and floor which welcomes guests and employees in a branded fashion. A red and white flip disk wall is the largest of its kind in the world, made of 55,860 pieces. The wall is programmed to make images out of the pixels. Located at the hub of Mainstreet is “The Feed” made of social tickers and a massive television screen highlights social feeds and advertising from around the world.

Between the first and second floors, a monumental stair was cut in to unite the space and create connectivity. Also creating more connectivity are the six new dining venues with communal seating serving 5,000 people on campus every day. Other amenities include a technology store, personal shipping center, and branded gear shop.

Located on the second floor is the conference center with a multitude of gathering spaces outfitted with advanced audio-visual equipment and beautifully branded decor.

Outside, the courtyard is currently being renovated to reflect the community culture, which often is host to concerts and food trucks.

Due to the nature of the projects, 80% of the work Leapley has completed with this client has been in occupied space.


The challenge:

These projects take place in one of the largest logistical challenges in Atlanta. Not only is there significant access problems in terms of security measures on campus and staging areas, but there is a constant flow of thousands of people on the campus, which cannot be interrupted.


Knocking it out of the park:
Leapley spends a significant amount of time in planning in order to provide the best possible timeline and logistic plan for each project on campus.

Project Type:
Corporate Interior Renovation

2.2 million SF

Atlanta, GA

Real Estate:
Class A Office Renovation with courtyard and gym upfit

Modern, Open Office

CMAA 2017 Project of the Year