Project Description

Norfolk Southern

The assignment
With a rich history dating back to 1894, Norfolk Southern Railway knows how to change with the times. When they consolidated some of their operations in Atlanta, the time was right to update their offices in the 34-year-old David R. Goode Building in Midtown. Norfolk Southern enlisted Leapley’s help in transforming its workplace into a light, open environment designed to optimize employee engagement, improve communication, and achieve business objectives.

This ambitious renovation calls for expertise in re-stacks, phasing, and renovation of a wide variety of spaces, including large lobbies, atrium ceilings, elevators, conference centers, as well as other infrastructure upgrades.

The curve ball
The consolidation and restack had to be completed in phases to align with the needs of many different groups within the railroad, including those from other states. In meeting these needs, Leapley had to develop strategies that expedited the work, while adhering to the high standards for which we are known. 

The biggest challenge
The team was up against tight timelines and challenged to obtain highly specialized components to implement the unique design intent. Leapley partnered with many vendors and suppliers, and managed materials at a level not commonly achieved.


  • Phase One was a 10,000 square foot project that included demolition of the main lobby followed by full renovation of the first and second floors and third level atrium, the interiors of eight elevators, and a high-end training and boardroom with a large A/V package. Elements of the renovated space include metal panels, wood ceilings, large format media screens, custom fiberglass and wood wall panels, glass handrails, interior water features, and terrazzo flooring.
  • In Phase Two, Leapley renovated the conference center on the third floor.
  • Phase Three includes a new security command center, facilities offices, railroad police department, exercise studios, and locker rooms.
  • The major systems upgrade was included in Phase Four. Click here for the case study on the infrastructure upgrade.

Project Type:
Corporate Interior Renovation and Systems Overhaul

385,000 SF

Atlanta, GA

Real Estate:
Commercial office building

Open, contemporary