Project Description

Kennesaw State University Entrance Improvements

Generally, people overlook the impact that a signage project can have, and the complexities of it – but the Kennesaw State University Entrance Improvements project exemplifies these intricacies. Located at the main intersections outside of KSU, this rebranded “gateway” and “front” entryway project redefines the entrance to the campus and creates a landmark visual for this ever-growing university. Consistent building signage is a critical part of the Kennesaw State University visual identity program and as such, KSU has recently contracted with Leapley to replace additional monument signs across campus.

Designed by Huie Design and Columbia Engineering, Leapley completed the project in a herculean effort of 102 days, of which 20% were rainy days and two days were shut down for graduation. The project took an overgrown, mixed purpose area and created a statement entry to match KSU’s growing brand.

Highlights of the project include:

  • 25 acres
  • 20,000 brick for sign columns and radius wall signs installed
  • 47,000 SF of sod placed
  • Removed about 90 trees, then planted 82 trees and 226 shrubs
  • Hauled off 50 dump truck loads of soil
  • Installed about 450 linear feet of 10′ high black vinyl coated chain link fence with custom printed windscreen

Completed on time, on budget, and to the university’s complete satisfaction, this project will help launch the university into their next phase where they will continue to grow and thrive.


Because of its location on a busy thoroughfare, this project had extremely high visibility and impacted the public during construction. Prior to construction, students traversed this area from a major parking lot to campus, creating the need for pedestrian detours to ensure their safety. Leapley’s team took to creating a safety plan to ensure pedestrian safety using 1,500 linear feet of temporary construction fence around the entire site. The plan also included signage to clearly identify the construction area and safe pedestrian detour routes around the site.

During the installation of the signage, all workers were properly secured when using the crane and lifts and everyone wore personal protective equipment. The installation of the 32-foot-tall signage and custom lighting at the Frey Road and Chastain Road intersection was perilously close to existing power lines. To ensure safety, Leapley placed a dedicated spotter to maintain adequate clearance between the live wires and the signage pieces and lights as they were hoisted into place.


Scheduling and Weather Challenges

Leapley completed the project in a herculean effort of 102 days, of which 20% were rainy days and two days were shut down for graduation. To combat the weather, Leapley planned for tents to be constructed over the work areas, ensuring an early delivery time prior to the dedication ceremony with the KSU President.

From the beginning, Leapley knew there would be a tight schedule due to material lead times on the sign materials; however, a wrench got thrown the plans when the originally specified brick was no longer available in small quantities. Leapley sourced new bricks to match which unfortunately had a ten-week lead time. Because of this length of time, Leapley worked around the clock to lay approximately 20,000 bricks in six days.

Project Type:
Higher Education

4.25 acres

Kennesaw, GA

Huie Design

Merit Honors, Build Georgia Awards from the Associated General Contractors of Georgia