Project Description

Infosys Office Renovation

Located in the Cumberland area of Atlanta, the 45,000 square foot InfoSys office project stretches over two full floors of an occupied building. Consisting of a major build-out for the technology company’s new home, this challenging project exemplifies our company values of trust, quality, and collaboration. From 3.5 months of preconstruction work to the project closeout five months after construction started, this project’s success is a reflection of extensive teamwork and communication.

Leapley persistently pressed to close the gap between the client’s fluctuating budget, accelerated schedule, and design requests. We completed the project successfully, even while chasing tight timelines and adapting the construction to changing designs. At the same time, we maintained a safe work environment and worked around the strict measures of the building’s other tenants.

Many construction projects are a balance of cost, schedule, and quality – where you normally get two of the three; however, the Infosys project was a truly collaborative effort to provide all three of these.


Striving to meet INFOSYS at their budget, the Leapley team dug into the preconstruction phase, brainstorming with our subcontractors to provide 30+ creative and viable alternates to the owner, including an alternate lighting package. The alternate lighting package, which was ultimately accepted, met quality standards, offered a cost savings of $85,000, and reduced fixture lead times from an average of 9 weeks to 5 weeks in order to be delivered on schedule.


Four weeks into the Infosys office construction schedule, the owner needed to change the design to meet the needs of their company. Leapley adapted the schedule to make the 45 changes including layout, power layouts, and wall types without changing the final completion date. The team provided the solution of working two shifts. Constant communication kept the schedule on-track – ensuring changes were communicated to the field. All approved alternates were communicated daily to the field to ensure proper construction.


The Leapley team was adamant that the design-intent and owner needs would all be met – and they delivered a high-quality project. The open work station areas consisted of floating ‘cloud’ ACT ceilings that had a four-inch trim running around the exterior. These ACT clouds ran around a majority of the exterior space on the seventh floor. Due to the long runs, it took multiple passes on the support hangers to ensure that the cloud was straight and square down the length of the building, while at the same time making sure the supports were not visible. The subcontractor, superintendent, and project manager reviewed the runs several times and adjusted as needed to ensure a quality look for the client.


During construction, Leapley secured access to the floor ensuring no unnecessary guests had access to the suite. As part of our extensive safety protocols, the Leapley team held weekly safety meetings and ensured all safety measures like the use of personal protective equipment were used.

The team would analyze challenging construction activities ahead of performing them in the field and built them on paper first so that we could ensure a thoughtful process and procedure. An example of this was when we sprayed dryfog paint on the exposed deck during business hours. Because this is a potential respiratory hazard, Leapley encapsulated the floor with plastic, ensured high-quality air filters were installed and removed all workers from the floor that were not wearing proper skin and respiratory protection.

Lastly, this building included several medical offices as tenants. To ensure the health and safety of all occupants in the building, Leapley partnered with the building tenants to ensure the loading dock was always free and clear to accept patients that may be transported via emergency vehicle to the building.

Project Type:
Corporate Interior

45,000 SF

Atlanta, GA


Woodie Williams

First Place Honors, Build Georgia Awards from the Associated General Contractors of Georgia