Project Description

CSm Bakery Solutions Office and Customer Experience Center Buildout

The assignment
The project was the transformation of a two-story, 43,055-SF office building from a typical office floorplan, set up for multiple tenants into a unique, single-tenant space. With open and closed offices, collaborative spaces, phone rooms, and even a customer experience center complete with a commercial kitchen, this office is one sweet space to work in.

The vision for the space reflects an environment embrace the natural light, as well as inspires employee happiness, celebrates the brand, leverages collaboration and mobility for internal and external associates. Paying homage to the bakery brand, privacy walls were constructed out of antique rolling pins, and art walls were made of Bundt pans and Jell-O molds.

The curveballs
The uniqueness of this space comes from its thoughtful branding. To stay true to the original intent of the design, the rolling pins, molds, and pans were hand selected by Leapley’s project manager, who ordered several hundred of these items from antique stores across the world for placement into the privacy walls.


Another interesting feature of note is the monumental stair, which was required to be cut-in between the floors. Cutting through the concrete, Leapley’s superintendent was able to construct a staircase opening the lower level to more natural lights from the skylights and windows above.

The highlights

  • A full-working chef’s kitchen allows for testing of CSM’s products on-site.
  • The lobby has highly-branded walls, beautiful lighting, and custom reception desk.
  • The open ceilings were constructed to reduce sound in the open space, including fire retardant fog and sound masking clouds.

Project Type:
Corporate Interior Buildout with Office Space and Customer Experience Center

43,055 SF

Atlanta, GA

Real Estate:
Class A Office Renovation

Modern, Branded, Open Office


Property Manager:
Crocker Partners