Project Approach
Leapley Construction is a commercial construction company whose specialty is interior construction. We believe every project is a symbiotic relationship that includes ALL team members – client, tenant representative, architect, landlord, subcontractors and vendors.

Preconstruction Phase Services
When we are committed to be part of the Development Team, we help create the budget and schedule, pre-qualify subcontractors, identify long lead items and assist in the permitting process. We facilitate all planning and status meetings and manage all communications in a timely, concise and accurate way.

Construction Phase Services
During the construction phase of every project, we incorporate site management, infection control and line safety, if needed. We also provide schedule management, submittal log management, change order management, RFIs and administration to make sure that each area of the project is up to date as the work progresses.

Safety Program
It is the policy of Leapley Construction to perform all of its work in the safest manner possible, while maintaining proper construction practices. No job should be rushed to the point that it is unsafe. To fulfill our vision, Leapley has put into practice an effective accident prevention program to be enforced on each and every jobsite. We conduct regular and frequent “Tool Box Meetings” with our field staff and subcontractors to discuss ways to reduce the risk of injury while maintaining the project momentum. Leapley Construction has received multiple awards regarding our safety record.

Quality Control Program
Quality control represents an increasingly important concern for construction project managers. During construction, quality control consists largely of ensuring conformance to the original design and planning decisions. Also, Leapley administers a QC program that includes independent inspections performed during all phases of the project.

Closeout and Warranty Phase Services
To keep the project moving on schedule, we develop a complete punch list and are committed to completing all workmanship-related items within 10 days of that list’s finalization, phase by phase. We also provide O&M manuals for all equipment, product care for every finished surface, and as-built drawings and product warranties. Upon project completion, we organize and safely store all pertinent documents in our archives, where they are readily accessible—a real advantage for clients who retain Leapley to provide warranty and future renovation services on that space.