Project Description

Piedmont Healthcare Projects

Leapley has a master contract with Piedmont Healthcare and is on-call as one of their renovation contractors. Projects vary in size and scope, including equipment removal and complete buildouts of medical office spaces. All of these projects follow the Piedmont branding and protocols.

The most important aspect of the Piedmont Healthcare projects is the infection control protocols Leapley’s team puts in place to ensure the safety of the patients, staff, and occupants of the building.

Sample projects:

  • Physicians Ellijay Primary Care
  • Hospital Spine Center MRI Project
  • Neurology
  • Camp Creek
  • Jasper
  • Newnan Orthopedics
  • PBX and Security Center
  • Midtown 1010
  • Walgreens buildouts
  • Paces West

Project Type:
Healthcare Interior