Project Description

Piedmont Healthcare 1010 Midtown

Piedmont Healthcare partnered with Leapley for this 8,200 SF project which was a complete renovation of a popular retail space (CB2) into an internal medicine office. Truly innovative and forward-looking, this project is one of the latest amenities added to the walkable Midtown neighborhood. Instead of just Live Work Play, our project invites residents and workers of Midtown to Heal & Rejuvenate as well. The project itself had an unusually large load bearing wall cutting across the middle of the space, along with large concrete columns. By cleverly creating a central core of exam rooms, offices and IT space, the design team found a way to use this angled wall to their advantage. The angles became a key design concept throughout and work to unite the project.

The design pushes the envelope of what a patient can expect in Piedmont’s more urban settings. The cool polished concrete floors are warmed by the wood paneling throughout the space. Angled soffits allow for a “path” of light fixture arrangements leading the guest around the space. The chosen artwork balances warmth and coolness while simultaneously playing off of Piedmont’s brand colors. This design and its unique location in Midtown work together to improve the wellbeing of Piedmont’s clients and the surrounding area.

Project Type:
Healthcare Interior Renovation

8,200 SF

Atlanta, GA

Warner Summers

Meadows & Ohly

Jim Roof