It’s International Women’s Day and Women in Construction Week.

At Leapley Construction, we recognize this occasion as an opportunity to raise awareness to the growing number of women in the industry. With over 75 million women in the US civilian workforce, women make up 47% of the labor force (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018) and over 9% of the construction workforce (NAWIC, 2018). Leapley’s stats are quite impressive.


“Working for Leapley makes it easy to forget that women only make up 10% of the construction labor force!” says Julie McIlhany, Leapley Construction’s Controller.

The wage gap for women in construction is much less than other industries; women make 95.7% of what men make. Upon learning that she recently joined the elite percentage of women in construction workforce, Leapley’s Estimating Assistant Danielle Olukotun stated, “It’s an eye-opener that the wage gap is significantly smaller than in other industries. If more women were aware of this information, it would encourage them to seek positions in this industry.”

Because Leapley employs many women on its staff, we are constantly in efforts to press for progress by advancing women in construction through extending opportunities to women in leadership and mentoring roles.

“Leapley recognizes the profound impact of a diverse workforce, allowing us to have a variety of viewpoints to meet our clients’ needs,” says Meredith Leapley, CEO & Founder of Leapley Construction.

For some, Leapley’s culture is what brings them here.

“I was drawn to Leapley for their gender diversity and it has paid dividends – most notably with being an integrated part of the team, offering female role models, and keeping my goals set high!” says Savannah Foster, Assistant Project Manager.

One study even shows gender-balanced teams have higher employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and operating profit (McKinsey & Company, 2017) – which we have seen in our business as well. We are proud of our diverse staff and cannot wait to see where it takes us in the future.

Celebrate with us as we #PressForProgress!