In honor of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the women who consistently move the dial and all our mentors and advocates who motivated us – including our own fearless leader.

A lot of people ask: How did Leapley become a premier interior contractor in Atlanta?

As a 26-year-old in 1999, our CEO Meredith Leapley walked into the governmental office, holding her forms – she was on a mission to start a new business. Seventy-five dollars later, she had a business license and a dream: to make Leapley Construction the premier interior construction company in Atlanta.

Hitting the road with pure grit and hustle, Meredith began the business by knocking on doors. One day, as she was riding around Atlanta, she looked at a building and thought: I wonder what we need to do to start working as a contractor for this building.

What does she do? She grabbed a box of doughnuts and marched up to the door of the loading dock, where the facilities team sat. That knock opened the first of many doors in that building – and she often credits it as a turning point early on. “There will be a lot of closed doors,” she says. “But eventually, someone always opens one.”

Meredith didn’t set out with the intention of becoming a “woman-owned” business. “I started a company and happened to be a woman,” she says.

“2019 marks an important milestone for Leapley – we are celebrating 20 years in business,” says Meredith Leapley. “As I look back on our journey, I am amazed. I believe we have reached our initial goal of becoming a trusted partner for Atlanta – but we are just getting started!”

Meredith has led Leapley to become an award-winning general contractor, with revenue over $85 million – but her real focus has been on people, constantly striving to meet our mission: We exist to build environments where people thrive.

Leapley has cultivated a culture of learning and advancement for all our employees.

“We are often asked how we establish a workplace equity in our office – since we do have such a culture of inclusion,” Meredith says. “It’s just part of our culture. We value all voices and recognize the importance of our employees.”

And it shows! In an industry predominantly male, nearly 50% of our project management team is female.

This year marked another major growth for Leapley, as Alan Scoggins was announced as President. “He is a calm, trusted, and steady leader – and I am so excited to see where his leadership takes us as we continue to grow and enhance our community.”

For those of us here at Leapley, we are excited to see where Meredith and Alan’s leadership take us in the next twenty years.