Do you know what happens when a construction company needs to use cranes on Peachtree Street for the weekend in order to install a new HVAC system? Leapley does!


In feat of amazing coordination and teamwork, the Leapley team pulled off an outstanding construction project at Norfolk Southern Corporation’s building in Midtown Atlanta, which required pausing and diverting traffic on Peachtree Street during multiple crane lifts. If you know anything about Atlanta traffic, you know closing any portion of a major thoroughfare can be challenging.

We did it all without safety issues for staff or passerby from the evening of Friday, July 8 to early morning Sunday, July 10, totaling 42 hours straight. The project began at 8 pm Friday with the hauling in of the crane, which would then need to be constructed to reach the top of the building. During the fabrication of the large crane, the smaller crane’s computer had an impairment which inhibited it from completing the project. In the middle of the night, the team shifted gears, found a new crane, and finished the setup of the large crane by morning. This kept the project on schedule and running smoothly for the morning’s lifts, which were to start at 6 am.

The crane was used for 10 lifts to remove old equipment and ductwork, then 30 more lifts for the new systems and roofing. This all happened without a single safety incident and finished on-time.

Coley Gray, the Leapley superintendent on the project said, “Not only did the our guys deal with the stress, heat, traffic, and passerby, but they dealt with it with true professionalism from start to finish. They never lost focus of what the mission was. More importantly they NEVER lost sight of safety and the priority was jobsite safety.”

This would not have been possible without the work of our tireless team and partners!

The highlights in terms of numbers:

  • Total man-hours =  1,203
  • Items lifted to roof = more than 39,000 pounds
    • New building air unit weighing 16,618 pounds
    • Condenser fan assembly at 2,610 pounds
    • Steel frame assembly weighing 5,000 pounds
    • 5 pressure fans, 2,800 pounds each
    • 5 individual lifts with various ductwork components
  • 70 workers present from 8 different firms
  • 14 Atlanta PD officers present in shifts around the clock all weekend


The day-of team:

  • Coley Gray, Superintendent
  • Dave Clark, Superintendent
  • Mat Andrews, Superintendent
  • Tim Patterson, Superintendent
  • Jacob Bruce, Assistant Superintendent
  • Michael Pierce, Project Manager
  • Norfolk Southern Facilities
  • McKenney’s
  • CLBurks
  • Amquip
  • ALC
  • McMichen
  • RMP
  • Atlanta Police Department